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Welcome to Threshold Times, a newsletter from me, Karen Hering, about finding our way through personal and global change. If you’re encountering significant change in your life or you’re simply interested in following my writing and future programming, please consider becoming a free or paid subscriber and keep reading to learn more about what that entails.

It’s true, isn’t it? That we’re all living in “threshold times.” Times of so much shifting on our shared planet, in our nations and communities, our homes and identities. We’re all living on the cusp of change, some days trembling with the uncertainty of it all and other days brimming with hope that all this change might just lead to a better world and a better way of living in it together.

I have launched this newsletter and community in my belief that the real power and promise of threshold times is dynamic, generative and collaborative. Drawing from and building upon my new book, Trusting Change: Finding Our Way through Personal and Global Transformation, I offer Threshold Times subscribers reflections, video and audio messages and online programs, hoping that you will join me in making change more trustworthy by engaging it together.

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About Karen

I’m the author of Trusting Change: Finding Our Way through Personal and Global Transformation and Writing to Wake the Soul: Opening the Sacred Conversation Within. For many years, I have led a literary ministry offering an earlier newsletter, “Faithful Words,” and retreats, programs and classes that engage writing as spiritual practice and a tool for healing and social action. Ordained to Unitarian Universalist ministry, I have also served as a chaplain and a congregational minister. More information about me, my books and programs is available at karenhering.com.

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Finding Our Way through Personal and Global Change. Welcome to a community of fellow thresholders, with reflections by Karen Hering and online gatherings of guided writing and conversation, on how to make use of the change that inevitably comes our way.


Author of Trusting Change: Finding Our Way through Personal and Global Transformation; and Writing to Wake the Soul: Opening the Sacred Conversation Within.